Our formacoaching® programs are a unique experience with a strong belief : we learn by doing ! That is why you become the hero of our trainings who were designed for + 50% increase of your skills* compared to a traditional training.

* average of KPI’s measured during 3 years on more than 1000 participants

we can be heros

The topics of our formacoachings®

Wether you are in : finance, HR, computing, management audit, creation or very good communication professionals, we personalize your sessions according to your goals and your identity.


  • Master the Storytelling fundamentals
  • Boost your confidence while presenting
  • Structure storytold content/presentations in 7 steps®
  • Write to create emotion and reach your target : Storywriting®
  • Designing attractive slides when you’re not a graphic designer : Slide Design® & Data-telling
  • Oral Storytelling – Present as you are®
  • Become the king/queen of pitch BIM® : training and bootcamp
  • Pitch and present remotely like a TV host


  • Turning meetings into useful and decisive encounters : narrative® listening
  • Pitching your offer to convince : BIM® pitch for sales teams !
  • Pitching remotely to convince and capture the attention : TV hosts techniques
  • Structure business proposals : the 5 Storyseller® models
  • Exercising poise, improve charisma  : Oral Storyselling
  • Knowing how to improvise and deal with the unexpected during face to face or remote meetings
  • The 2 Storyseller® itineraries for #Retail or #Consulting
  • Selling when your not sales


  • Delegate and give meaning to make heroes of your collaborators
  • Make your team be more creative : Projective Storytelling®
  • Manager 2.0 : manage at the time of remote work and millenials
  • Deal with conflict through creativity : with stories
  • Communicate quickly and efficiently with your teams
  • Present to convince : oral torytelling
  • Host storytold meetings


  • Better know your leader self to better assert yourself
  • Build your pitch and your vision
  • Use your relational leadership to inspire
  • Know how to make decisions
  • Market your work and your team at work
  • Boost your female leadership

Coach me Up! : remote solutions at Smartside

All our sessions can be done remotely with tested processes, conceived to reach your goals !

The 3 solutions

Individual, collective or both ?


  • Theoretical inputs you can keep with you
  • 30 minutes remote coaching sessions
  • Individual
  • Personal
  • Unlimited
  • 2 months long
  • Individual objectives gathered before & after


  • Two 2,5 hours e-classes for 4 people
  • + 2 e-coaching 30 minutes sessions for 2 people
  • On a chosen topic
  • Remotely
  • Individual objectives gathered before & after


  • A formacoach live on remote for 2 hours
  • Participants register according to their needs
  • To be triggered according to the needs : présentations with high stakes, recurrent, etc.
  • Unlimited up to 2 hours/week
  • Up to 4 participants
  • During 3 months

Our commitments

A formacoach® all the way

Manage, lead, présent and sell. We willingly limit our  spheres of action to give you the best expertise on these topics.

Solutions according to your needs

Our formacoachings®  can be face-to-face and/or on remote according to your needs and your issues.

KPI’s set upfront

Your formacoach® monitor your progress before, during and after your sessions. That’s why you have a precise map of your evolutions.

Certified formacoaches®

Each formacoach® is trained at our Academy. They come from the business and entertainment field. They are trained, tested and monitored to guarantee the highest quality for the hosting and content they deliver.

You want to become a formacoach® by our side ?

Send your application to enter the Academy, a unique certifying program, on remote or on site, and become a specialized formacoach® ! The first promotion is planned for January 2021 !

Get into the Academy !


KPI’s you choose,
 measured before, during and after the program


Offers which develop both personal and professional abilities and skills


Tools & coaches who secure the risks you take and your transformations