We develop your communication potential & singularity with our Storyleader® method

3 themes of Storytelling trainings & coachings

1 unique methodology based on the techniques of TV series screenwriters and authors: Storyleader®


Nailing presentations has become a star soft skill but also a great source of stress. Hands-on training sessions to structure, illustrate and storytell your presentations

Customer relations

Forge bonds, unlock relations, create desire… Expert training sessions to find the right words, posture, and transform your customer relations into success stories


To be a leader is to know how to make choices and take others along on the journey.
Two unique leadership courses adapted to your hierarchical position and ambitions.

Remote trainings

Remotely, SmartSide favours shorter training formats, changes in rythm and pedagogy, casestudies and small groups. We adapt all of our training journeys to your needs, your material, number of participants, your job & your industry.

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In person sessions

For in person sessions, whether they take place in your office or in ours, SmartSide facilitates your training like a story for optimal appropriation! Of course, we always tailor our work based on your needs, your material, your function and your industry.

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Why does Storytelling apply to you?

90% of non-sales related jobs require convincing others. Conviction is the 2nd most looked after “soft skill” in recruiting. You convince better when you tell stories! Telling stories is putting emotions into play.
Storytelling is a key technique in order to achieve this. Therefore, SmartSide has developed an unique method: Storyleader®… in order to structure, design and storytell a presentation, a recommendation, a commercial proposal in way that is as undeniable as it is convincing. It allows to spend less time designing and more asking yourself the right questions!

What you are most often looking for?

  • Quickly get your audience onboard both when speaking and writing
  • Write a presentation that is out of the ordinary
  • Better assert yourself and communicate within your company and in front of aclient
  • Pitch any idea in face to face or remotely
  • Storytell your presentations
  • Increase your leadership in meetings and with your team
  • Be more business focus when you are not a salesperson
  • Be more of a “consultant” when you are sales rep
  • Be more daring when presenting
  • Design striking slides tho you are not a graphic designer
  • Write in a creative and impacful way
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Over 2000 participants trained in Storytelling each year

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"I finally understood what listening means: Storyseller® is powerful!"



"I changed the way I communicate since taking a Storyleader® course, my presentations hit the target and are perfectly comprehensive!"

Mae Li

Estée Lauder

"Making people want things is my job, however like a shoemaker going barefoot, I manage it ok for others... Thanks to the Storyleader® program, I've learn how to play with my audience and how to enjoy myself when presenting!"



"A training like I've rarely seen before: a trip down conviction lane, tools and eye-opening discoveries on myself that changed my approach!"


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