Art of conviction & Storytelling

Fiction is the shortest way to reach a better reality !

The mission

Smartside is a training & coaching organization, specialised in the Art of conviction & Storytelling. We support, you and your teams, focusing on 4 issues : better present, sell, manage, and lead.

What is storytelling ?

[STORYTELLING]: word meaning « art of telling stories », it is a communication method using narrative techniques in the professional setting to captivate, inspire, convince.

Don’t worry, we’re not trying to present yourself to the next elections!

We formalized the best of narrative techniques into two methods: Storyleader® and Storyseller® to enable you using Storytelling on a daily basis.

Our signature : a new way of learning, the formacoaching®

Collective hyper-personalized sessions with instructors using individual coaching techniques to make you improve your skills


The most common issues

  • I need captivate my audience with both written and spoken presentations.
  • I want to stand out in sales and presentation.
  • My missions are evolving and necessitate presentations and more communication.
  • I need to be more assertive and to communicate efficiently in meetings.
  • I need to arouse more commitment for my team of millennials.
  • I want to improve communication between me and my collaborators ?
  • How to better explain what I do so that people would want to work with me ?
  • How to be more sales oriented when I’m not in a sales position ?
  • How to have a consultant stance whereas I am a salesman/woman ?

Our remote offer :
Coach me Up!

A new digital formacoaching® offer ! It’s easy, flexible, expert, measurable and dedicated to your objectives !

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