Neurosciences are the base for our work

When we shape what we want to say in the form of a story, distinctive mecanisms are induced in our interlocutor’s brain, which transform their perception. In every relationship, emotions come into play. These are true hormones making machine, which drive us in all our choices, even though we think they always are rational…

For 10 years, we’ve been working on methods mixing Neurosciences and Storytelling in order to allow you to master the art of conviction, its pillars and subtleties like a pro !

formation communication

The shortest way to conviction is through emotions

Neurosciences has taught us that the pillar of conviction resides in the limbic system of the brain : it is the emotions. Before we understand and before we’re put into motion, we human must be reassured, and then feeling positive emotions !


3 parties du cerveau en neurosciences

The reptilian brain

1st part of the brain to unlock to convince : the brain of instincts ! To make it happen, we need to reassure...


The Limbic brain

2nd part of the brain to unlock to convince : the brain of emotions. It opens when it gets positive emotions...


The neocortex

Then, at last, the brain of reasonning and motion. Only once the two previous brains are unlocked can you be sure to captivate your audience !


To grab attention, what more powerful than TV shows screenwriters techniques !

Did you know Steve Jobs had a screenwriter drafting him his speeches ?

In order to captivate, to get someone to want to listen to you, we use examples, practice on your material, and strongly structured methods, inspired by the narrative frames of the most captivating fictions !

"You'll never create a good advertisement by highlighting technical caracteristics, RAM gigabytes, charts or comparatives. but by conveying an emotion."

Steve Jobs


In order to improve, you need to aim for small victories

We don’t believe in radical change but more in small victories on a daily basis because they generate dopamine (the happiness hormone), the best hormone in the world !  Dopamine boosts your confidence and encourage you to do it again : what an incredible virtuous circle !

Small victories



To convince, the more you get personal, the more you are universal !

The point is never to make you imitate others… Our methods put YOUR talent, YOUR strenghs and YOUR experience at the heart of our programs.


Conviction is the winning combination of body and mind

Only 7% of conviction is conveyed through words : which is your written presentation ! It means 93% of conviction comes from non-verbal… For 10 years, we combined verbal and non-verbal to multiply your power of conviction and give you practical and operational tools.

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