The story of Smartside

Smartside is a match between two women… Yaël Gabison, an ex TV show screenwriter and marketing director and Marina Baillon, an ex-financier and headhunter. Two seamingly opposite profiles who share, in 2015, a common desire: allowing people who want to, to get what they want by communicating better!

Obvious for two previously super shy women, who spent their childhood looking down their feet, who felt like parachuting when they were asking for a raise or presenting in front of an audience.

When Yaël discovered the screenwriters techniques, after she joined a well-known TV Show screenwriters team in 2002, she understood that the shortest way to assertion is fiction! That’s how they decided to apply these powerful conviction techniques to free, to allow to dare, without stress, with confidence, by using structured and reassuring methods, and practice!

Yaël Gabison

Founder & speaker

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Marina Baillon

Founder & speaker

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Yael Gabison

SmartSide's pedagogy

Since our methodologies are proprietary and that we apply them beforehand within our company, we facilitate all of our training sessions like storytellers.
Inverted classes based on your material and with 80% of case studies.

The result: + Our satisfaction rate is 96%*

*measured on more than 500 participants in 2022

News about us

Monthly articles in Capital and Management Mag

When Frank Underwood, Cersei, El Professor, Walter White, Dr House, share with you their tricks to succeed…

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Management Mag x Smartside = Manageflix

Podcasts resuming leadership lessons of TV shows heroes (audio) : how to make choices with Tony Soprano ? How to exercise leadership when you’re a woman on the verge of a break down with Dead to me ? Manage your team with Casa de Papel ?

Available books

livre comment pitcher
Every tips to become the king/queen of Pitch, written as well as oral! Best seller republished twice since it first came out in 2018!
Livre devenez le héros de votre vie
When TV shows heroes teach us how to choose (Tony Soprano), how to not get involved in something we don't want (Orange is the new black), how to decide (Frank Underwood), how to polish our image (Cersei, Game of Thrones) and a lot more... Translated in 3 languages since it was first published!
Livre présentation storytelling
Everything you need to know to narrate all your professional presentations. Published in 2012, with 10 000 copies sold, it is republished in 2019 in an even more operational format!