Storytelling trainings

Storytelling inter-company training courses

6 training courses to pitch like a king, convince like a TV host when remotely, problematize like a consultant or structure, illustrate and storytell your presentations like stories thanks to an unique methodology: Storyleader®

Orally present like Barack or Steve


In 2 words: A course that takes your personnality into account in order to convey the keys of a method used by the greatest speakers!


Goals: Storytell your presentations & master the unique and personnal keys in public speaking


Target: Anyone who has to deliver oral presentations


Takeaways: Hands-on tools to upskill your strengths and tips to leverage your area of improvement



  • In person, 1 day
  • Remote, 2 3hr eclasses


like a king


In 2 words: a course to learn how to pitch a product, a service, a job or even a project to convince


Goals: have a foolproof method: BIM® to present anything and everything in only 2 minutes


Target: anyone who needs to convince… from sciences experts, engineers, people in finance to marketing or communication teams


Takeaways: a 3® steps method to pitch anything



  • In person, 1 day
  • Remote, 2 3hr eclasses


Design sexy slides without being a graphic designer


In 2 words: not easy to make eveything fit on a slide, rihgt? Yet… this ultra-operationnal course gives you 10 hands-on tips to design impactful slides


Goals: understand the visual grammar of slides, harmonize images and text, highlight numbers, tables and charts


Target: anyone who wants to design slides (text + images or numbers, tables, texts + images)


Takeaways: hands-on keys and tools



  • In person, 1 day
  • Remote, 2 3hr eclasses


Convince like a
TV host


In 2 words: When presenting remotely, goals become similar to those of TV hosts: be credible and capture attention…


Goals: Learn about TV host tricks and discover your own in order to spark interest of your audience even remotely


Target: Anyone who makes presentations remotely in a mean to convince


Takeaways: Your TV host presentation style and how to leverage it in order to convince others your very own way



  • In person, 1 day
  • Remote, 2 3hr eclasses


to better close


In 2 words: How to renew your sales techniques eventhough you excel at selling withou necerally having the right tools to do it?


Goal: Grasp the essentials in order to adopt more of a consultant posture when you are in sales


Target: Anyone who has to convince and set a frame in order to obtain a brief


Takeaways: A method in 4®steps that allows to set the perfect frame and know which questions to ask in order to not waste time



  • In person, 0,5 day
  • Remote: 1 3hr eclass


Make any remote meeting a success


In 2 words: How to connect and forge a bond remotely when not seeing the other in person?


Goal: convince and understand others remotely


Target: Anyone who needs to convince someone within their company, a client or potential customer remotely


Takeaways: 10 tips to feel more at ease during remote meetings



  • In person, 1 jour
  • Remote: 2 3hr eclasses


"Great methodology to pitch: straight to the point and effective!"



"I changed the way I design my slides: less time for more impact!"


Alstom Group

"Great course, I finally understood that being shy while presenting is ok and that I could even take advantage of it... Thank you!"



"A strong insight after this oral Storytelling course: I understood how to make my audience a friend and include it in my presentations."

Catherine K.

Dassault Système