Let's build your custom Storytelling training journey together

    Les formats, les contenus, les tarifs et informations pratiques, nous répondrons à toutes vos questions.

    9 tailor-made intra-company training programs designed for all function within a company

    Whether you wish to train a marketing, communication, HR, sales, finance, legal or an executive team or one of scientists and enginneers, consultants or high potentials : SmartSide systematically adapts its training content, duration, and trainers.


    You are asking yourself how to be original and impactful during your presentations? How to make it short or how  not to ask yourself a zillion questions when putting it together? This training program is made for you. Facilitated by marketing experts.


    Tell a beautiful story without lying and naturally connecting, and sparking interest… All of this in the least amount of training time possible? SmartSide takes up the challenge with this training course designed specially for you, sales rep, consultants or advising teams. Facilitated by former consultants.


    Presenting legal directives, new security guidelines, getting a very disparate crowd on board isn’t easy. Since you spend your time thinking about others, why wouldn’t you test out our special HR program with case studies designed based on your material, and yours only?

    Scientists & Engineers program

    Communicating without twisting yourself, nor overdoing the caricature, while remaining credible and authentic in your role of expert… What a challenge! Our method Storyleader® allows you to rely on key points of reference to easily share expert figures. Facilitated by experts.

    Finance & Legal

    Going straight to the point, without toning down the entire analysis that took so much time to put together… It is with this statement in mind that we’ve designed this training course specially for experts in finance.
    Facilitated by experts!

    High potential

    Conviction is one of the most important soft skills in order to quickly grow within a company and get promoted… We have shaped this traning program as a game to test yourself and master all the subleties of the art of conviction. Adapted to your goals, of course!


    Pushing further, conveying a difficult message, bringing all executive members together… These are the goals of this C-level training & coaching journey. Based on the personnality & ambitions of each and every one, we make the elements of this course a perfect fit.


    Switching from a client to another, from a project and recommendation to another requires a certain agility and an extraordinary self-mastering. However are you sure to remain understandable & always get them onboard? A training course specially for consultants and facilitated by former consultants.

    Company wide program

    You would like to make Storytelling part of your corporate culture… We totally get you! We deliver you a unique protocol with operational and inspiring actionnable keys through an easygoing training journey, no matter if you are 20 or 250!

    Over 2000 participants certified Storyleader® every year

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    "Very dynamic, I was able to make progress with my training material, incredible!"



    "It's night and day thanks to SmartSide!"


    Bayard Presse

    "We had fun learning things about ourselves and actionnable for our next interventions."



    "Great coach and facilitator, who perfectly knew about our industry!"