"Signature" masterclasses to get a taste of Storytelling

Masterclasses to inspire and initiate a collective approach

You've watched the Netflix documentary about Roger Stone and Storytelling and it has shaken you up. To the point you've decided that all of your collaborators should harness to this technique...Therefor, it's about time to treat yourself to a masterclass in order to know all about its actionnable learnings.

Storytelling: fundamentals

Present in an emotional and creative way is far from being easy. This masterclass unveils5 screenwriter recipes applied to professional writing: a 1hr30 initiation to thedelicate art of conviction through Storytelling.


for the win

Sometimes, you get so caught up, that you can’t explain what you actually do anymore… simply and efficiently.

Yet, you never get a second chance at making a great first impression. Let’s discover how you can make convincing nearly automatic with this Pitch masterclass!


Storytelling and leadership

The art of public speaking has always build or invalidated reputation and leaders. By entering our professional lives,Storytelling has disrupted the standars of conviction. What are the keys of it? Why these have put strategy at stake? 1hr30 to know all about it…


Oprah célèbre présentatrice TV et Storyleader

We are more convincing when we storytell...

"Very inspiring and practical! »



"A masterclass as great as a show with tips on top of that. We all loved it!"


Bayard Presse

"Hands-on keys delivered in record time..."



"I really learnt things"


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