Storytelling tailored
training programs

9 custom intra-company training programs designed for all function within a company

Whether you wish to train a marketing, communication, HR, sales, finance, legal or an executive team or one of scientists and enginneers, consultants or high potentials : SmartSide systematically adapts its training content, duration and trainers.

All about custom training journeys

Team Building training courses

SmartSide makes true Team Buiding events out of your intra-company Storytelling trainings

Executive seminar, launch of a new line, conveying an impactful message or bringing a whole team together... Why not gathering on a TV set, at a Pitch Party or in a recording studio to upksill while having fun all together thanks to our unique and proprietary Storytelling methods?

with awards giving


In 2 words: A playful training program designed like an Oscar ceremony!


Goals: Learn how to manage a BIM® pitch while having fun


Target: Anyone who wishes to convince in 2 minutes flat, from 3 to 50 persons


Takeaways: A 3® steps methodology in order to pitch anything and an Oscar on top of this

like a
TV host


In 2 words: A training program that could end up on a TV set!


Goals: Test out TV host’s “things” to capture attention while speaking thanks to our   Storyleader® methodology


Target: Executive & C-levelsales or expert teams who need to convey high stake information, from 3 to 50 persons


Takeaways: Find out about your TV host style and all the keys in order to leverage it to its optimal. You could also walk away with a TV show.

with your voice


In 2 words: A training program with an audio deliverable you won’t forget!


Goals: Grasp your voice and its non verbal power eventhough people can’t see you thanks to our Storyseller® methodology


Target: Anyone who needs to hook an audience and capture its attention remotely, from 3 to 50 persons


Takeaways: Tips to master your voice under any circumtances depending on your personality and the production of a podcast

Over 2000 participants certified Storyleader® every year

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"Very dynamic, I was able to make progress with my training material, incredible!"



"It's night and day thanks to SmartSide!"


Bayard Presse

"We had fun learning things about ourselves and actionnable for our next interventions."



"Great coach and facilitator, who perfectly knew about our industry!"